Wire Harness

CTE provides professional wire harness services for automobiles, motorcycles, ATVs, buses, trains, construction machinery, agricultural machines, watercraft, electric scooters, electric wheelchairs, and medical equipment.

CTE Wire Harness Core Competence



PEDS eliminates human error and shortens the production lead-time by converting drawing into engineering data automatically.



MATS-II provides search-engine interface with easy access to production material list and operation data.



iPOP keeps track of production progress and trace quality records which brings CTE into a new era of industry 4.0.

Through joint design, CTE offers rapid correspondence to customers by on-site services or video communication with engineers.

Developing new techniques and materials after rigorous testing or evaluation, CTE promises the best service to customers.

Pay Attention to All Details

CTE values every single detail and persists in doing the simple things well. In order to deliver more attentive service to our customers, we utilize wire harness resources locally and globally.

Intelligent Production


World-Class Quality

CTE manufactures world-class quality wire harness in result of gaining trust from well-known customers. Our continuous improvement of our QA system allow us to maintain low defect rate.g

Assure the Strength of Terminals

CTE monitors crimping data for every single terminal and also perform destructive testing on the first and the last piece of the terminal. Our goal is to assure zero defect on crimping up to 1.6 million terminals every day.g