Customer Satisfaction Optimization
Continuous Improvement

Quality Certification

ISO/TS 16949i
ISO 9001ii  
ISO/IEC 17025

Outstanding Awards

Ministry of Economic Affairs, ROC
The 24th National Quality Award
The 9th Industrial Excellence Award
Honda Taiwan
Best of All Award (2010, 2014)
Quality & Service Award
Sang Yang Industry
Top Ji-Jun Memorial Award
China Motor
Top Quality Award
Excellent Quality Award
Excellent Supplier Award

Product Certification

WEEE(EU Standard)

Smart Factory


Improve the efficiency and quality

Provide the right and necessary information to avoid distracting.

Smart Factory

Barcode every material, that we can have the exact item at the right time on the production line.

Reduce paper work

Reduce hand writing record allows shop floor colleagues to focus on manufacturing.

Automatic Production

Automate Equipment


Full Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine
Servo-motored Terminal Crimping Machine
Semi-automatic Terminal Crimping Machine with Water Seal Loader
Semi-automatic Screw Driver Station
Automated Optical Inspection
Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) for Material Delivery

  Cloud Computing

  Cloud Computing

Collect data from the production line to improve efficiency.

Design on the Cloud

Design on the Cloud

Engineers convert the drawing design into the final production layout by our PEDS system.

Control through the Cloud

Control through the Cloud

Managers can do the real-time monitor and control by the touch penal of the iPOP system.

Advanced Testing & Inspection

Laboratory was certificated by TAF (Taiwan Accreditation Foundation)
Meter/Mechatronic products
General Characteristic Test

• Working Duration Tester for Meter
• Surge Voltage Tester for Meter
• Ignition Noise Tester
• Working Duration Tester for Fuel Unit
• Working Duration Tester for Door Switch
• Working Duration Tester for Blower
• Working Duration Tester for the 3rd Stop Lamp
Wire Harness
General Characteristic Test

• Crimping Status Tester
• Connection Resistance Tester
• Plastic Part/Wire Abrasion Tester
• Dielectric Withstanding Tester
• Multi- Functional Voltage Drop Tester
• Burning Tester
• Measuring Projector
• Measure Instrument
• Pull Strength Tester
• Push-Pull Strength Tester
• Wire Bending Endurance Tester
• Anti Ammonia Test
• Anti Diluted Sulfuric Acid Test
• Temperature Rise Tester
• Leakage Current Test
• Oil Sealing Tester
• Material Slicer
• Connector/Grommet Air Sealing Tester

Reliability/Endurance Test

• Thermal Shock Chamber
• UV Carbon Fade/Weather Tester
• Standard Dust Tester
• Temp & Humidity Chamber
• Rain Tester
• Heat Resistant Tester
• Freezing Tester
• Aging Oven
• Salt Spray Tester
• Vibration Tester